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content tells, copy sells

There is a constant debate as to the value of web content vs. web copy... 

  we are here to tell you, it is not an either or affair - you need them both!



Web Content


For most people, writing and developing quality content is the singular most time consuming aspect of website development.


This is primarily due to the extensivity of traditional web content needs and the fact that web content is not always limited to the site's written text, but often the development and integration of visual images, audio, and video.


Some examples of web content are, product descriptions, manufacture specifications, FAQs, How-tos, About Us, newsletters, articles, and blog posts (although some aspects of copy writing may be integrated into some of these).


It is important to recognize and remember that quality written website content is set apart from website copy by three primary and intentional objectives: 


  • to be informative or entertaining

  • to bring value and establish authority

  • to build both relationships and trust




Web Copy


Web content and web copy go hand in hand in many ways, despite their differences.


In fact, web copy is implemented within various types of web content to include ads, emails, blogs, social media and other forms of electronic communications. 


Copy is set apart by its strategy which includes the placement of keywords and keyword phrases, written in a manner that is undetected by the reader. This is known as search engine optimization or SEO and works to pull the content (and thus the services or products) higher in search engine ranks.


Quality web copy writers are experienced and well versed in the uses, components, and practices of various social media channels, persuasive messaging, as well as developmental editing to include layout and design.


The primary and intentional objectives of writing web copy are:


  • to tap into the human psyche

  • to speak to the buyers needs and wants

  • to persuade action and/or engagement



If you need to






Then you need Content and Copy. You need to know the difference between the two,

 as well as how the proper development and implementation of each, can work for you.



  1.  convey valuable information

  2. distinuish yourself or your company

  3. avail products and/or services for sale

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