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Emily Daves is the Owner, Content Strategist, and Developmental Editor at Daves Writing, Research and Consulting LLC. She holds a Liberal Studies Degree from the University of Iowa with a triple emphasis in Humanities, Social Science and Communication Arts and a minor in Professional Fields.


Over the course of her career, Emily has excelled as an independent business owner, wellness professional, and communications consultant. In addition, she has effectively worked as a ghostwriter/blogger, written a fitness column and found great success as a writer of business, promotional, and web content/copy. Emily is in constant pursuit of progression and has spent the better part of the last few years developing DavesWRC while honing her skills in the space of content strategy and development for business. 


DavesWRC got its start in January 2013 just after Emily had hired two researchers, an editor and a consultant to assist her on a large scale project. As a result, she found terrific success with both client satisfaction and her own growth in knowledge and understanding in the space of content management/development on a larger scale. Subsequently, DavesWRC found its own growth and became much more than a "one woman show". 


DavesWRC now serves as a hub for like-minded, motivated and highly capable writers, editors, researchers. Every team member is hand selected, evaluated and integrated by Emily. The DavesWRC team works as a cohesive unit, with the understanding that the contributions of each team member works to fulfill and support the Company vision, values and mission which is existential in practice, founded in wellness theory, and derived of Emily's own heart and life. 




"Life is a tapestry...impassion your thread"

                                                                                                                                                                        ~Emily Daves

Hello and Welcome!

It is my greatest hope that you have found the information herein to be clear, concise and exciting!


We are just embarking on our sixth year in business and see nothing but promise on the horizon. We are growing organically and enjoying the journey every step of the way.


Our Creatives are all well-educated, hand selected, thoroughly evaluated, and regularly reviewed to ensure our client base receives the highest quality work.


If at any time you have questions or comments, please contact me directly.  


  Thank you and many blessings!



       Emily Daves

Emily Daves
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