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DavesWRC Consulting Services        

There is more to business (and life) than merely the in, out, round-around, back and forth, up and down. 


If you agree with the above statement, you might just have your priorities happily aligned - or perhaps, you have an idea of the oft-spoken "more", and just need a purposeful push in the right direction. 


Like it or not, business to business, business to customer and even interpersonal relationships all exist as a result of engaged methodologies coupled with set communication modules and employed common practices. If you feel you've got that covered, terrific!


If rather you say, "What the heck does that mean?" - you are in the right place.


DavesWRC consulting services guide and assist individuals and companies in the effort to seek and find problematic pressure points via specified research. We then assist in measuring metrics,  we aid in analysis and then work with our clients to strategize accordingly. 


But wait! It's not quite that simple.


What sets us apart from the majority of communication consultants is that our practice establishes a guidepost from which all action is linked and/or derived. This guidepost represents the most valuable component of both happiness and success.  This guidepost is: Intention


Yes, intention.


Intention is a broad and beautiful truth of immeasurable depth and girth. It avails innumerable applications, and you can bet your bottom dollar, no matter which way you turn, twist, or flip it - intention cannot find potential nor fruition without the conscious employment of what we call the 6Ps


People   Passion   Presence   Purpose   Pursuit   Progress


Take a moment to recognize the promise and possibility that lives and breathes in those six lovely words.


Our Mission at DavesWRC is to empower, enable and serve companies and individuals who choose to pursue excellence within their particular field or desired pursuit - no matter how large or small. This ambition underlines our pursuit and aligns with our philosophical heartbeat and collective value system.


Success within your six P's - your unique person, passion, presence, purpose and pursuit becomes the very premise of not just your, but our collective progress.









There is not one thing that burns as bright, as hot, as true, as passion born of purpose.


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