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Research Assistance



"Don't bother fact checking my quotes.

If it sounds iconic, I said it."

-Audrey Hepburn

Research itself is the practice of searching logically and systematically for new and useful information on a specific topic or within a particular area of interest. 


Many people think first of science and technology when discussing research and research methodologies - yet research itself is certainly not limited to these disciplines.  


There is vast need for quality research in the content development field and beyond. At DavesWRC we offer research assistance as follows:


  • Data collection and organization

  • Comprehensive data analysis

  • Grant proposal preparation

  • Business proposal preparation

  • Project management assistance

  • Article and presentation preparation

  • Report preparation for publication

  • Support for in-house research team members

  • Idea contribution towards improved practices



 The above list is a sample of our research assistance offerings at Daves Writing, Research and Consulting.


For pricing and discussion regarding your individual needs, consider taking advantage of our limited time,

FREE 30-minute Consultation Offer.

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