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When it comes to blogs and articles, QUALITY is the name of the game.  Factually rich content derived from relevant research is imperative in the production of both hard and digital copy. This reality is far too often overlooked on the web.


Articles, blogs and other written content produced at Daves Writing, Research and Consulting does not merely fill the void and we do not duplicate, spin or scrape our content. 


Our commitment towards quality content production takes multiple facets of writing into consideration during the production process.  


These include but are not limited to the following:


  • attractive headlines, titles, and sub-titles

  • the use of unique voice, tone, style and creative display

  • search engine optimization, anchor text and key word use

  • application of benefits-driven language

  • developed design and hyperlink integration

  • layered content that encourages active reader participation

  • excellent conversion from print and PDF and vice-versa

  • content strategy employment and/or integration



 The above list is a sampling of the considerations we take in the writing process at Daves Writing, Research and Consulting.


For pricing and discussion regarding your particular content needs, consider taking advantage of our limited time,

FREE 30-minute Consultation Offer.

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