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Professional Editing

    If content is king, and context is queen, who then, is commander-in-chief?



In order to survive, all a kingdom really needs is a king and a queen, but to thrive - command and control is critical.

This is where our editorial services step into the courtyard.


In the classic book Walden, Henry David Thoreau wrote, 









Our prime objective is to structure our editorial services to align with your castle's every need - from foundation to finish! 




“If you have built castles in the air,

 your work need not be lost;

 that is where they should be.

 Now, put the foundations under them.”




Proofreading is defined as the act of reading written content for the sole purpose of detecting and correcting error. This stage of editing is typically (but not always) the final stage of typographic production prior to print or publication. Such service includes rectifying errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and verb tense consistency. In addition, our proofreading services look for consistency in usage and presentation while identifying visual discrepancies in titles and subtitles as well as image and white space positioning. All the proofreading at DavesWRC is conducted by copy editors in order to make a smooth transition to Copyediting (upon request) should the content necessitate it. 

Copyediting is the process of improving the formatting, style and accuracy of text. This stage of editing is typically done prior to proofreading and typesetting (where applicable). The objective of the copy editor is to ensure that written text is clear, correct, concise, complete, and consistent. This form of editing includes many aspects of the proofreading process but extends itself far beyond - as a significant amount of text is often altered. Alterations include but are not limited to, sentence rework, replacement or removal and even entire paragraph restructuring while maintaining content tone and intention.
Developmental editing


Developmental editing, also known as substantive or line editing is a collaborative process where an Editor will correct as well as reconfigure and/or re-write large portions of text, with cause. Developmental editors serve as a sort of writing counselor and may guide the writing from start to finish, or be brought in at any stage of production to provide not just an objective eye, but an objective voice as well. This form of editing can at times bridge to ghostwriting or necessitate research assistance services. This form of editing focuses on helping the writing process, not merely correcting it. Developmental editing is an excellent service for anyone who lacks the confidence or ability to convey the depth of their message in writing.



Editing for publication


There are a number of written works that necessitate an above and beyond approach to traditional editing services. This includes but is not limited to, books, e-books, magazines, newsletters, journals, websites and more.  The extent and approach to editing for publication is dependent upon the stage and quality of content submitted and most often revolves around style consistencies, format guidelines, reference and citation for source attribution as well as layout, table of contents, index and glossary development. This stage of editing often bridges to research assistance for fact-checking in order to ensure the authenticity of factual statements or leanings.


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