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Who we are

Find your balance,  

strike it hard. 

                                Emily Daves

DavesWriting, Research and Consulting, LLC is comprised of a team of highly capable, intensely creative, freelance professionals who all greatly enjoy the space of content development. 


Every Creative on the DavesWRC team has chosen to walk a path outside of tradition as it pertains to the world of business, writing and resource. We recognize that our own individual goals and ambitions in the world of writing and content development are as warranted and valuable as the work we do in the employ of others. In fact, it is wholly due to our desires to challenge and grow ourselves (and one another) in both our personal and professional capacities, that we consistently outperform industry standards.


Each team member works with Emily Daves directly to define their commitment and professional wheelhouse as it pertains to their work with DavesWRC. Additionally, Emily employs her knowledge, experience and expertise from over fifteen years in the wellness industry to ensure that every team member is supported in

the growth of their individual area(s) of expertise, and in pursuit of their unique passions and perceived life purpose. 


This business model is designed by Emily, is founded in wellness theory, and serves as the underpinning for the overall success of DavesWRC. We believe it is our unique approach to both warranting and facilitating quality life/work balance that allows our team to remain engaged, passionate and fully capable of providing the very best of service to the individuals and companies with whom we work.










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