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We, at DavesWRC define communication as being: 


   a full spectrum, inclusionary process of creation and conveyance 


This means that (1) we give as much weight to the perception of content and information as we do to creation, (2) we don't just focus on the quality of content and the channels or modes of delivery - but also, on the ways in which it is received. 



Communication is not only about the spoken or written word. 


Communication is about intention, tone and conveyance. 

It considers big picture realities and engages an eyes-wide-open  approach. Communication is non-linear and all encompassing.  

When practiced properly; communication is art. 


For more information about us, click here, for a look over our additional writing services, click here.


For an overview of our internal and external communications services, please contact Emily below.  

We look forward to hearing from, and assisting you with any of your individual writing and communication needs. 

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